Why Echometer?

To strengthen the corporate culture and thus the competitiveness in a sustainable and measurable way

Many managers only lead their company according to parameters such as sales, productivity and profitability. Still many psychological factors are equally crucial to develop the full potential of a company.

Echometer advantages

Echometer measures and improves the most important factors for a healthy and efficient corporate culture.

Employee engagement

Managers often don't want to admit it, but studies show:
15% only of employees in Germany are really committed

Employee loyalty
Against the background of the shortage of skilled workers, it is important fluctuation as one of the key cost drivers.
Employee health
Strengthen and reduce the psychological security and resilience of employees Sick days and absenteeism.
Efficient personnel work

Employee surveys & 360º feedback with an echometer minimize the workload in the human resources department.


Strength the feedback and error Culture in the company to lay the foundation for innovation and to initiate a change process.

Employer branding

A good corporate culture is the currency of the new world of work, So studies show that graduates these factors become more and more important.

The facts speak for themselves

According to the Gallup Engagement 2018 study, 15% employees are engaged on average. In an agile environment it is 43%.

Echometer helps to sustainably develop the corporate culture and to give employees an active role.

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What do experts say about Echometer?

“Echometer is an excellent way for companies to actively involve employees in changing corporate culture.”
Dr. Knut Menzel
Institute for Agile Working & Change Management
"A modern solution for employee feedback like Echometer has long been overdue in many companies."
Sonja Grave
Head of HR, Compeon
"Echometer has the potential to create an atmosphere that makes it easy for employees to do their best and to revolutionize working in companies."
Bastian Seehaus
Head of software development, Deutsche Post Adress