What exactly is Echometer?

Echometer is a feedback tool. The feedback collected with Echometer initiates a continuous improvement process. We offer both individual level feedback (360º feedback) and team / organizational level feedback.

Who is Echometer for?

Whether change manager, agile coach, scrum master, HR manager or ordinary manager: Echometer is suitable for anyone who wants to ensure systematic participation of employees and at the same time wants valid monitoring of the change process.

Echometer also serves HR people in particular to provide employees and managers with 360º feedback (so-called Multi-rater feedback) to develop further.

How does the Echometer tool work?

The general procedure of Echometer is as follows: First, anonymous feedback (eg from the team) is obtained. The results will then be shown to those involved in so-called retrospectives In retrospectives improvement approaches can be identified by the team. These measures are then continuously reviewed and amended.

getting started

Can I test Echometer?

We are currently still in the pilot phase. If you would like to test Echometer, please write us a personal message to hallo@echometer.de or use our contact form.

What do I have to consider to successfully implement Echometer?

Echometer can be most effective if the purpose of the introduction is clearly and transparently communicated in advance. Participants should be informed of what is happening to their feedback and that your answers are anonymous. In addition, the introduction should be coordinated with the works council and other stakeholders as early as possible.

Who decides which questions are asked?

We offer an item pool designed based on decades of research. Both the organization and each teams chooses which aspects are relevant for them. At the same time, you can also ask your own questions, for example based on your company values.


Who gets the feedback first?

In principle, the people involved in the feedback should always receive the feedback first. This means that with 360º feedback, for example, the feedback recipient concerned and with team feedback, the team receives the feedback first. Only general KPIs can then be viewed at the management level.

To what extent is the Echometer-approach agile?

Echometer pursues the philosophy of continuous improvement using "Baby Steps" and experiments that are developed by the teams in so-called "retrospectives". Retrospectives are part of the classic agile sprint according to SCRUM. Do not worry: Even if you are not agile, retrospectives will help you as a team (you can learn more about retrospectives here).

Is the feedback anonymous?

Yes, the feedback is anonymous. However, in the conversations initiated by Echometer during the online workshops, you can voluntarily share your assessment with the group in order to encourage team reflection and stimulate further development.

What is the advantage of an agile approach?

Agility increases employee engagement: almost three times as many highly motivated (or committed) employees work in companies that use agile methods as in other companies (Gallup Engagement Study, 2018). Agile methods also increase the cultural ability to change - a highly recommended quality in our VUCA world.

in an agile context

Why should I get feedback from the team before team retros ?

For three reasons:

Openness: In retrospectives it is critical to openly address critical issues. However, it is often difficult to name the "elephant in the room". At this point, a small anonymous survey in advance can be very helpful.

Psychological models: Echometer does not collect any feedback, but targeted feedback based on validated psychological constructs. The questions contain precise small nudges in order to continuously develop the teamwork.

Monitoring: Do you actually improve from retro to retro? Good question that few have a clear answer to. Echometer makes progress transparent.

Does Echometer tell me how to set up my team retros?

No. We want to give the moderators or managers as much freedom as possible when designing the retro. The proposed steps of team retros can be skipped, if needed.

It is advisable to start the retro with Echometer and use the build-in check-in as well as the "Gather data" phase by discussing the results, before switching to an individual retro workshop format.

added value

Our employees are already motivated. Would we still have added value through Echometer?

Yes, definitely. The fact that your employees are motivated does not mean that there is already a feedback culture that optimizes your innovation potential. Echometers will still help your team to build a continuous improvement process.

Let's say Echometer reduces employee turnover - what does that do for us?

Fluctuation leads to direct costs (e.g. new recruiting process), indirect costs (e.g. demoralization of employees), opportunity costs (e.g. no purchases) and network costs (e.g. contacts of sales employees). It is therefore difficult to put into numbers. Deloitte's former hiring manager, Jim Wall, did the math for his company: saving one percent less annual staff turnover saves him $ 400-500 million (The Economist, 2007).

How does Echometer help us with employer branding and skills shortages?

Before you put tons of financial resources into recruiting, you should analyze one thing carefully: Where are the problems in your company that lead to high employee turnover? Echometer will help you here. Because with Echometer, corporate culture can be measured in a targeted manner.

At the same time, culture is the currency of the new world of work. It is one of the most important selection criteria for applicants and is at the core of every authentic employer brand.

legal and data protection

Is Echometer GDPR compliant?

Yes. Echometer was designed in a way that the security of the data and the anonymity of the answers are guaranteed in every case. All communication is encrypted according to current standards. If you have any questions, please contact us at datenschutz@echometer.de.

Where is the data collected by echometers stored?

The collected data is stored on servers within the EU and never leaves the GDPR area.

Can I close a Data Processing Agreement for a pilot with Echometer?

Yes, that is possible. Our pilot contracts also include our standard data processing agreement (see here). If your company insists on using your own samples, we can check and use your agreement as well.

Your question remained open?

We are happy to help personally!

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