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Echometer is a software tool which, supported by psychological know-how, unleashes the potential of Agile values in teams and organizations.

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Why team retros?

Regardless of whether your team works with Scrum, Scrumban or another methodology, retrospectives should be central to your way of working. Retros make it possible to continually review and develop your collaborations.

"If you adopt only one agile practice, let it be retrospectives. Everything else will follow"
Woody Zuill
Agile Pioneer & Evangelist

Team feedback

1. Measure what matters

With Echometer, you obtain feedback from your team before a retro on factors such as Psychological Safety. You can configure our scientific pool specifically for each of your teams.

Simple, interactive team retros

2. Teams in the driver's seat

On the basis of the feedback to the psychological Behavioural Anchors, your team is in a position to question the status quo and independently derive targeted measures.

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3. Uncover the blockers

Use Echometer to create transparency about cultural developments in teams and beyond. In this way you can specifically identify coaching needs. The continuous improvement process has never been so measurable and transparent.

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